Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels, known as Haley & Michaels, are an award winning country duo based in Nashville, TN. Originally from the Bay Area, growing up just three miles apart, the duo met in Nashville through a mutual guitar player. Combining their two unique voices into one complete sound, the well-blended harmonies of Haley & Michaels is catching on fire and captivating music lovers across the country.

“We grew up just miles apart, but never met,” recalls Shannon. “I’m from Los Altos; he’s from Palo Alto. The dividing line—his high school—was in my back yard. We had a mutual friend try and connect us seven years prior, but we never connected until we met here in Nashville at the Frothy Monkey. A guitar player, that was in both of our solo bands, introduced us and thought our voices would work well together.”

Once they began to talk, they realized that the small world they were living in was actually a lot smaller. It turns out their greatest musical influences were identical – Garth Brooks and James Taylor.

Both Shannon and Ryan admit there’s something that is almost electric when the two combine their musical talents. “The first time we ever performed together was at The Roxy Theater in LA and it felt like we had been singing together our whole lives,” says Shannon. “Ryan’s powerful energy on stage was so contagious and I had never had so much fun performing before.”

The blend between their voices took on a life of its own, and Haley & Michaels found their unique sound. From that point on, the two have been making music together. “We both put a lot of time into arranging our vocal parts,” explains Ryan. “We started with a few cover songs and some of our prior original material. Shannon has an incredible ability to write unique vocal parts that allow us to play off of each other’s voices. Together, we’ve found a great passion for arranging and it’s become one of the things that most defines our sound.”

Both Shannon and Ryan had come to Nashville independently because of their love of songwriting. The first time the two ever wrote a song together, they wrote the song that would ultimately start it all for Haley & Michaels, “The Price I Pay”.

Their rich harmonies have garnered them attention from outlets such as Taste Of Country and Music Connection. In 2013, they were awarded for “Best Video,” and “Song of the Year” for their single “The Price I Pay,” as well as “Best Live Country Performers,” and “Artist of the Year” at the Nashville Independent Music Awards (NIMA.)

The video for their current single, the intoxicating “The Price I Pay,” has over 400,000 views on YouTube, and has been featured on TNN’s Top Ten, CMT.com, MTV.com, and ZUUS Country.

Recently, the duo has been performing with such superstars as Clint Black, Hank Williams Jr. and Brett Eldridge. Currently working with producers Matt McClure and Kyle Jacobs, who recently produced 2013 CMA Song of The Year, Haley & Michaels will be releasing their debut album in 2014.

Haley & Michaels were especially excited when they recently were invited to play a show for their hometown radio station – KRTY / San Jose. “They heard about us through multiple people in the bay area, and they invited us to open up a couple of shows,” said Ryan. “We just did an interview with Gary and Julie – who we grew up listening to every day. They surprised us by playing ‘The Price I Pay’. It was the first time we ever heard ourselves on the radio.” Shannon adds, “It was so special because it was the station that we both grew up listening to. It was a full circle moment.”